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Prof. Dr. Susanne Foellmer

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works as Associate Professor in Dance at Coventry University, Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE). Her research focuses on dance and performance of the 1920ies (Weimar era) as well as contemporary performing arts with respect to theories of aesthetics and corporeality. Further research fields are dance in connection to media and visual arts as well as concepts of temporality and historicity in performance.

She has published numerous essays and books on history and aesthetical theory in dance, among them “Valeska Gert. Fragmente einer Avantgardistin in Tanz und Schauspiel der 1920er Jahre” (Valeska Gert. Fragments of a Vanguard Dancer and Actress in the 1920s, Bielefeld, 2006) and “Am Rand der Körper. Inventuren des Unabgeschlossenen im zeitgenössischen Tanz” (On the Bodies’ Edge. Inventories of the Unfinished in Contemporary Dance, Bielefeld, 2009).

She also has been working as a dramaturge for Helena Botto, Dance Company Rubato, Isabelle Schad and Jeremy Wade among others.

From 2014 she has been directing the research project “On Remnants and Vestiges. Strategies of Remaining in the Performing Arts” (DFG/German Research Foundation).

susanne.foellmer[ at ]coventry[ dot ]ac[ dot ]uk