Maria Katharina Schmidt


Dr. Maria Katharina Schmidt

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was a research fellow in the research project “On Remnants and Vestiges. Strategies of Remaining in the Performing Arts” located at Freie Universitaet Berlin and Coventry University. Within this theoretical framework, Maria Katharina Schmidt realized her doctorate entitled “Tracing Quotation. On a Phenomenon of Recurrence in Dance“. Her master’s thesis, already, focuses on experiences of repetition and remaining in dance. In her bachelor’s thesis, she questioned modes of movement and time in photography.

Maria Katharina Schmidt studied Dance, Film and Media Studies in Berlin, Weimar, Copenhagen and Potsdam.

Her research focuses on theories and aesthetic modes of repetition in dance as well as practices of media in the theoretic context of aesthetic and cultural history.

katharina.schmidt2[ at ]fu-berlin[ dot ]de


Getanzte Zitate. Vom choreografierten Déjà-vu. Bielefeld: Aisthesis (2020).

Unpublished lectures:

„Knowledge in Experiencing. Tactile Entanglements in Isabelle Schad’s Pieces and Elements“ (01/2017 Amsterdam/Netherlands)

„Das Zitat als intersubjektive Erfahrungsdimension? Zur Revision eines Begriffs“ (11/16 Frankfurt am Main/Germany)

„Tracing Quotation: Hypothetical Connection of Trace and Quote in Dance“ (06/16 Stockholm/Sweden)

„Haunted by Choreographies: Tracing Quotation as a Figure of Re-Turn in Dance“ (03/16 Toronto/Canada)

Academic reviews:

Performance and Temporalisation: Time Happens, edited by Stuart Grant, Jodie McNeilly, Maeva Veerapen (2015), Basingstoke/GB: Palgrave MacMillan, 2015. In: PUBLIC Journal, Toronto/Canada: 2016.