Cornelia Schmitz


Cornelia Schmitz, M.A.

© Katharina Schmidt

is the Projectmanager of „Die Carusos – Jedem Kind seine Stimme“ (each child its own voice, at Deutscher Chorverband (German Choir association).

She has been working as a research fellow in the research project “On Remnants and Vestiges. Strategies of Remaining in the Performing Arts”. Her research focused on the transitional of the transitory, or presence in transit. Here, the passages of the fleeting, and how they are being handled become traceable. She was investigating in a phenomenological approach towards the analytic handling of audiovisual recordings.

cornelia.schmitz[ at ]deutscher-chorverband[ dot ]de

Lectures (unpublished):

„Knowledge in Experiencing. On the Practice of Using Audiovisual Recordings in Performance Analysis“ (01/17 Amsterdam, NL)

„Schnee von gestern? Audiovisuelle Aufzeichnungen als produktive Störfaktoren der Aufführungsanalyse“ (11/16 Frankfurt a. M., DE)

‚Doing of History‘ of Performance Analysis. Audiovisual Recordings as Traces of the Past (06/16 Stockholm, SE)