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9.7.2019: „Series and Relics. On the Presence of Remainders in Performance’s Museum.“ Paper Susanne Foellmer, working group „Choreography and Corporeality.“ Conference Theatre, Performance, and Urbanism, IFTR (International Federation for Theatre Research), Shanghai, July 8th-12th 2019.

18. 6. 2019: „Das Archiv flieht. Modalitäten des Bewahrens im Tanz.“ (Fleeing Archives. Modes of Preservation in Dance) Lecture Susanne Foellmer, Kolloquium Methoden und Diskurse der Theater- und Musikwissenschaft (Christine Hanke, Anno Mungen), University Bayreuth.

23.11.2017: „Video as Document of the Performing Arts“, Panel Discussion (in German)

With: Andrea Keiz, Erhard Ertel, Cornelia Schmitz.
Moderated by: Susanne Foellmer

Panel 1 of the Workshop „Bewegung im Bild. Audiovisuelle Dokumente als Objekte des Kulturellen Erbes“, November 23rd,  2017, 14.00-19.30, Mime Centrum Berlin / Internationales Theaterinstitut Deutschland, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin

July, 07th-09th 2017

Conference Dance and Somatic Practice, Coventry University/United Kingdom

Paper Susanne Foellmer: “Beyond the Subject? Dance and Choreography in the Realm of New Materialism”

June, 22nd-25th 2017

Performance Philosophy Conference: “How Can Performance Philosophy Act? Ethos, Ethics, Ethnography”, Prague/Czech Republic

Curated Panel: “On the ‘Beyond-ness’ of the Subject. Epistemological Paradigms in the Realm of Posthumanism“ (Susanne Foellmer, Mariama Diagne, Karina Rocktäschel)

April, 19th-22nd 2017

Conference “Dance Fields. Staking a Claim for Dance Studies in the 21st Century”, University of Roehampton/United Kingdom

Curated Panel: “The Archival Turn in Dance” (Susanne Foellmer, Mark Franko, Charlotte Waelde)

January, 26th-28th 2017

Amsterdam School of Historical Studies (ASH) and Historical Theatre Research

CfP Conference on „Text, Performance and the Production of Historical Knowledge

Panel: Knowledge in Experience (Katharina Schmidt und Cornelia Schmitz)

November, 3rd-6th 2016

GTW, Goethe University Frankfurt and Justus Liebig University Giessen

(Congress of the Society for Theater Studies: Theatre as Critique)

Panel: „Vestiges and Repetitions: A Conceptual and Methodological Critique“
(Susanne Foellmer, Katharina Schmidt, Cornelia Schmitz)

June, 13th-17th 2016

IFTR, Stockholm University

(Presenting the Theatrical Past. Interplays of Artefacts, Discourses and Practices)

Panel: „Immediate Past? Tracing Practices of Remaining in Performing Arts“
(Susanne Foellmer, Katharina Schmidt, Cornelia Schmitz)

April, 28th-30th 2016

International Conference „On Remnants and Vestiges. Strategies of Remaining in the Performing Arts“

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